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Maks's model of the river

Maks’s model of the river


Morning 3L


This week in PSHE we are learning about dental hygiene.

We have discussed what kinds of activities are harmful or healthy for our teeth.

Quickly go through the following ideas and remind yourselves if they are harmful or healthy:


Why not try a cool scientific experiment to see the effects of sugary foods and drinks on our teeth!

This website will tell you exactly what you need and how to do it.



Have fun experimenting!


Kindess Calendar

Good morning Yr 3!

It’s the advent season.

I have created a Kindness Advent Calendar, that we will be sharing every day in class.

Why not try creating your own advent calendar for home, or sharing our one with your friends and family.

Have a great day

Lauren and Naheeda.


Hi 3L,

This week in Geography we are working on the water cycle.

Check out this fun song about the water cycle – it might help you remember the 3 steps!


We will be starting DT in the next few weeks and will be aiming to MAKE a model of the water cycle!

Next week in Geography we will be discussing what we will need to make the model and drawing up some plans. Take some time to think now about what kind of materials and resources we might need to make something like this:

What will we use to make clouds?

What will we need to make sure our materials stay in place?

How could we make the mountains look realistic?


This will be such an exciting project. I can’t wait to hear your ideas on how to make it look amazing!



Morning 3L,

This week in reading we will be learning about our new book ‘River Story’ and how to use our reading skills to help us with comprehension.

We will be using synonyms. Synonyms are words with the same or similar meaning.

Check out these links below to help you recap synonyms

Synonym Game

Check out this BBC bitesize video too.

Bitesize Video

Can you try and think of synonyms for the words below and post your answers on our blog.

  • happy
  • sad
  • angry


Have fun



The Bar Model

Good Morning Yr 3

Next week, in maths we will be consolidating our multiplication and division learning.

We will be looking at using ‘the bar model.’

You may have seen these before, but check out the video below the familiarise/introduce yourself.

It is just like the ‘part, part-whole model.’

The Bar Model


Have fun!

Don’t forget to do your mathletics!



Diary Entries


Hi 3L,

This week in R.E we talked about where different people might go to worship and engage in their religion.

We talked about our own experiences and shared what we know about these places of worship.

Remember that not all religious people attend a place of worship.

Do you remember what religion people follow if they attend these places of worship?

  • A Meeting house
  • A Church
  • A Cathedral
  • A Mosque/a Masjid
  • A Gurdwara
  • A Synogogue
  • A Mandir
  • A Temple


If you’re not sure, have a look at this website to learn more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/z7hs34j



In the comments, share what you know and any experiences you might want to tell the class about religion and places of worship.



Hi 3L,

This week in Science we continued our topic of Rocks, Soils and Fossils.


We tested the properties of Marble, Slate, Granite, Gabbro, Chalk and Sandstone.

By trying to scratch into these stones using a copper coin, we tested the durability.

When we placed the rocks into a tub of water, we could see if the rock had a high density (it sank) or a low density (it floated).

We also tried pouring water onto the rocks to see if the water would pass through. Water passed through none of them and we found they were NOT permiable.

Finally, we made observations about the feel and texture of the rocks.


Find some rocks in your garden, local park or green space. Make sure you give them a good clean before using them in our investigation!

Test their properties like we did in class.

You can ask yourself the questions:

  • Do they float or sink? (High or low density)
  • Do they let water pass through them? (Permiability)
  • Do they break easily? (Durability)

Share your finds with us in the comments please.


Next week we will be learning about fossils and retelling the rare and fascinating process of fossilisation.

See you soon, Geologists!



This week in Writing we have been writing Biographies!

A biography is when you write an account of another person’s life.

Who is your favorite celebrity/famous figure?

Your challenge is to find out an interesting fact about them and share it right here on our class blog 😄

Have Fun